At Shirt Bar we take our coffee very seriously and this is the reason we exclusively serve FAT Coffee. Sourced globally, roasted locally, and made with love, FAT Coffee is the result of master barista (and part owner of Shirt Bar) Adam Hofbauer’s life-long love of coffee.

After travelling the world and spending countless sessions at his roasters in Erskinville, Adam created his signature FAT Coffee blend of 5 Arabica beans. This blend is made up of Colombian Supremo Bochue, Honduran Marcala, Sumatran Kudu Mas, Costa Rican La Lapa and Ethiopian Limmu. These combine to create a rich smooth and delightful full-bodied coffee that will leave you with a desire for more whilst providing the kick that you want, and perhaps need.

At Shirt Bar we serve our house blend of FAT Coffee in all of our milk based coffees i.e. flat whites and lattes whilst our black coffees, i.e. short and long blacks, are made on our Single Origin bean which changes each week. This may be a relationship coffee from Honduras or a Rainforest Alliance coffee from Nicaragua, just ask our baristas. We also run the Single Origin through our Hario Cold Drip which we serve over ice.

Both our blend and Single Origins beans can be purchased through our store in Sussex Lane and on our online shop. We are always happy to chat all things coffee so don’t be shy to contact us.