Starward Nova Red Wine Cask (50ml serve)

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Starward Nova Red Wine Cask 41% ABV (50ml)

An ace Australian single malt from the Starward range, Nova spends its life maturing in casks that previously held Australian red wine. In fact, the casks come right from the winery and aren't charred before the whisky goes into them, ensuring that the wine's flavour profile has an impact on the spirit. Particularly decadent stuff, it does very well when pairing with rich foods as well as being enjoyed by itself.

NOSE Positively bursting with red fruit, strawberries with a Port-like mixture of fruit and nuts.

PALATE Honey, cinnamon and more red fruit on the palate, creamy nutty texture, luxurious mouthfeel with a touch of tannin.

FINISH Toffee with walnuts.