Michel Couvreur Special Vatting Peaty Malt Whisky (50ml serve)

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Michel Couvreur Special Vatting Peaty Malt Whisky 45% ABV (50ml)

The selection of Michel Couvreur whiskies are made from Scotch whiskies that have been matured in cellars in Burgundy in Sherry oak casks - Couvreur was a fan of maturing whisky in Sherry casks rather than bourbon casks. This expression, a "special vatting", is a particularly peaty whisky, but it's certainly no slouch of the Sherried whisky side of things either.

NOSE Candied oranges, vanilla and fresh leather.

PALATE Soft on the palate with a woody back, a touch of vanilla, a little leather, milk chocolate, orange and sweet spices.

FINISH  A whisper of smoke develops towards the finish adding an attractive briney, creamy, Caol Ila-like finale that carries the length well.