Michel Courveur Clearach Malt Whisky (50ml serve)

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Michel Courveur Clearach Malt Whisky 43% ABV (50ml)

Michel Couvreur Clearach Malt Whisky is a single malt distilled in Scotland and matured between 2 and 3 years in France in fresh PX sherry casks.

Very clear amber tint. Typical to very young malts with almonds and frangipane (red jasmine) fragrance, nice grassy freshness with a slight touch of honey. Lively in the mouth, its maturation in wine casks, despite its young age, is revealing some silky elegance.

NOSE Full of cereal, grains and nougat. Very light low-grade honey, as if it was pulled right out of the comb, raw. There’s a hint of white grape juice and a sour grassiness that comes out as well. A multilayered nose. 

PALATE Full blown grain, barley and cereal rich. Biscuits come to mind with bran and saw dust. A lot of oak but not overpowering oak. And although there is a sawdust-like component, it’s not an astringent wood, just a little wood sour. Nutmeg is a predominant spice in the Clearach with a vanilla undertone. 

FINISH Lightly spiced, slightly floral with minuscule amounts of woody sweetness. Reminiscent of an Irish whisky.