Kings County Distillery Peated Bourbon Whiskey (50ml serve)

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Kings County Distillery Peated Bourbon Whiskey 45% ABV (50ml)

From New York's Kings County distillery comes an interesting peated expression - apparently the result of a distillery malt shortage, the Peated Bourbon was a happy accident. Faced with a waning supply of regular bourbon malt, a Kings County distiller grabbed some peated malt to finish the batch. A year later, the spirit was sampled and the results were so delicious they decided to start making that same Peated Bourbon again.

NOSE Melted chocolate, gooey marshmallow, cookie crumbs and a hint sea salt.

PALATE Chocolate-covered pretzels, leather, and toasted caramel, bitterly sweet.

FINISH Lightly salty and thick.