Bakery Hill Classic Malt Whisky (50ml serve)

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Bakery Hill Classic Malt Whisky 46% ABV (50ml)

Australian single malt whisky from the Bakery Hill distillery, located in Victoria, north-east of Melbourne. Their Classic Malt expression is made using Australian Schooner barley and is matured in American oak ex-bourbon barrels, and is bottled without the use of chill-filtration or additional colourings. The result is a rich, malty whisky that boasts notes of green apple, thick honey and eucalyptus.

NOSE A complex sweet multi layering of green apples, spiced honey with just a hint of cider.

PALATE The flavour ramps up kaleidoscopically from nutmeg through spiced honey to a firm cereal with a malty richness layered on as a finale.

FINISHMouth filling, smooth and lingering, leaving a satisfying warmth. Inspection of the glass reveal amazingly luscious legs of this superb malt whisky.